Soup Box Derby 2015

After racing the kayak-strapped-to-two-bikes for the past couple of years, we decided to make some changes. This year we removed the kayak in favor of a couple of old office chairs and a cinder block. Not the prettiest machine out there, but definitely fun to build and race.

As you can see in the clip above, we fell behind to the chicken racers early but just about caught up right at the finish line and lost by a hair. All in all, quite an entertaining way to spend a Sunday on Whidbey Island.


Goldmyer Hot Spring #microadventure - February 2015

February's #microadventure involved some hot springs out in the woods and had this simple formula:

  • bike
  • soak
  • sleep
  • soak
  • bike


Wallace Falls #microadventure - Jan 2015

I am determined to get out for a #microadventure each month during 2015 and even though I waited until the last day of the month, January's trip to Wallace Falls was a success. 11 more to go!


Soup Box Derby - 2014

Our Soup Box Derby racer was pulled out of retirement (and out of the weeds that had grown over it) for the 2014 race. We won two out of three of our heats, which isnt too bad for a couple of bikes we found on the side of the road, bolted together, and strapped a kayak on top of.

Nemo's Nemesis has now officially been retired and we will be back with an all-new racer next year!


Whidbey Island Triathlon - 2014

Second time doing the Whidbey Triathlon this past weekend. A few minutes slower than last year, but had a good time as always.


Summer Adventure 2014 - Mountain to Mountain

This year's Summer Adventure idea was cooked up by Chris: how about we climb Mt. Adams, mountain bike over to Mt. St. Helens, and climb that as well?

After the last couple of adventures and too many Lost Paddle Awards to list, I was definitely worried about our chances of success. But in the end, we didn't have any (major) issues, completed the entire adventure, and even had a little bit of fun doing it.


kulshan quest

The folks that put on the San Juan Island Quest adventure race that I did a few years ago had a new race in Bellingham this year called the Kulshan Quest. Six hours of kayaking, biking, and trekking in the waters and woods near Chuckanut Bay on a gorgeous summer solstice day - can't really beat that!