studies in stopmotion

upcoming studies include:

  • software test
    test the video capture ability of my camera as well as familiarize myself with the MonkeyJam software. dont expect the results of this test to be my best work.
  • multiple figure test
    test moving multiple figures at various speeds at the same time. also, practice personal interactions (handshakes, hugs, fights, dancing, etc)
  • advanced movement test
    i am gonna try to make my lego guy flip, fly, swim, and do various other cool acrobatics
  • camera angles test
    close-ups, extreme close-ups, ground-level, birds-eye views. also, zooming and panning motion shots
  • lighting test
    what is required to make the shot look the best? lights, backgrounds, etc. can i duplicate an indoor setting? outdoor? nightime? what about lights in the scene?
  • sound effect test
    add some simple sound effects that sync up with the video. also add multiple concurrent sound effects
  • soundtrack test
    practice sampling portions of songs, fading in/out, and meshing with on-screen sound
  • cgi background test
    building an entire lego world is much easier when i can do it virtually. i will attempt to digitally add backgrounds and scenery to the shot scenes to make them look like they belong somewhere
  • post-production test
    it wont quite be 'star wars', but this is where the special effects come in. laser blasts, explosions, you name it. i will also experiment with digital facial expressions
  • compression/codec test
    what codecs provide the best file size/video quality. which are most widely available to end users?