project update

i know it has been like 6 months since i posted last, but i was gone for 2 of those months. right before i left for my bike trip, i talked with josh and decided to do a film based sort of on the show '24' (his countdown timer was the inspiration).

well, i started off with a lot of enthusiam, but the process is a bit tedious. i tried to write the whole script, but found i worked much better when i just sort of winged it. i finally got the first scene filmed after shooting it about 10 times (kept having lighting trouble and flicker). once i got the lighting issues worked out, i was pretty happy with it. i shot the second scene in one take, so that helped the progress quite a bit.

at that point, i was out of storyline again. although originally supposed to be based on 24, the movie is really now more of just a crime-fighting spoof (half Hong Kong Fooey, half Police Squad). i decided to work on the soundtrack while i thought more about the rest of the story. i put a lot of work into the soundtrack, and i am pretty happy with it so far. i had to go back and re-do some of the early stuff because the later stuff was much better and made the early stuff sound crappy.

i merged the soundtrack with the scenes so far (and wrote a nifty program to help preview and adjust timing as well), and it is turning out pretty good. nothing earth-shattering, but i am happy with it. i hope to shoot a few more scenes in the near future, and maybe even wrap it up by the end of the month...