brickfest montage clip 2 - psycho

here is my second attempt at a montage clip for the brickfest montage. it is not technically perfect, but i had a lot of fun making it, and hopefully it is recognizable even though the movie is over 40 years old.

Download the movie

Click to watch the movie

here are some of the things that i wished i had improved upon:

  • animation ended up a little herky-jerky because i had to slow it down a bit to match up with the audio
  • the zoom/pan was much faster than in the real movie, but again i had to match up my animation with the audio
  • the set was so tight that i had to use some extra legos to move the knife-wielder, and then forgot to mask them out, so they are visible in a few shots
  • the lighting is very close to the original, but not exact. the knife-wielder should have been more shadowy
  • the 'scream' mouth. i didnt have any appropriate mini-fig heads, so i had to draw the mouth in photoshop. not my best work, but better than the version i originally did

i was generally happy with the water effect for the shower, although it is not quite as obvious after the compression.

anyway, let me know what you think.



  1. That is cool! It is Jerky