cellar door - finally done

i dont know how many of you were lucky enough to get to see the 'interesting' cellar door that was in the house when i first moved in. for those that werent so lucky, imagine a giant trap door in the middle of my dining room, that was first tiled over, and then re-cut out so it could still open. between scratching up the wall, weighing about 100 pounds, and just being incovenient, i knew it had to go. i ripped it out and then was left with the dilemna of how to construct something better. i figured out a ladder-type access that would take up less than half the space, and not interfere with anything else in the room. i did the initial construction a while back, but never got around to finishing it. well, it is finally done! i was a little worried about what it would end up looking like, but i think it turned out pretty nice. here are a couple of pictures so you dont have to use your imagination.