is the end of the world near?

i did something the other day that i never thought i would do. i couldn't conceive of a reason why i would ever even consider doing it. but i did it - i changed my homepage from google *gasp*!

in the name of full disclosure, i only changed it in firefox (google still reigns in IE), and i am not yet convinced it will be a permanent change. but it has been almost a week and i havent gone back yet.

so, what wonder of modern technological achievement could have swayed me from the almighty google? a small little site that most people probably have never even heard of: aside from being a snazzy web 2.0 site that are so popular with the kids these days, netvibes is actually a pretty cool little app. in its simplest form, it is really just a personalized 'portal', not all that different than what you could get from yahoo or google. but it has a lot of nifty little features that the big guys dont have like easy feed reading, email monitoring, calendaring, etc. and best of all, their API is available so even if you dont find a module that does what you want, you can just add your own.

but the coolest thing about is the interface. of course, it is all ajax-y as you would expect, but it actually uses the technology to make the app *better*, not just fancier. in the limited amount of time i have been playing with it, the app has been responsive and fast and very intuitive. i have been toying around with the idea of a website like this for sometime now, and i guess the highest praise i can give netvibes is that it is the real incarnation of the site i had envisioned in my mind.

so check it out for yourself - who knows, maybe it will change your world too.