old house sold, new house rented

well, my house finally sold. it was a quick and easy closing, so that part was nice. the worst part was moving out - not the house (since i dont have hardly any possessions), but the garage, since it was filled with hundreds of landcruiser parts of all shapes and sizes. i actually missed out on all of the fun of the move since i was out of the state at the time, but michaleen and her girls saved the day by handling it all for me. i owe them big time.

anyway, now that i am out of my old house, it was time to turn the attention to finding a new place up on whidbey island. since we arent sure what our long-term plan is, we decided that renting a place for now was the best idea. we found a great place that is on 5 treed acres on top of a hill, with great views of the puget sound, mainland, and cascade mountains. you can see the view in a couple of these pictures.

this last picture is of the house we are renting. we have only seen the outside and peeked in a few windows, so we dont even know what the inside looks like yet. guess it will be fun to find out when we arrive up there next month.



  1. Anonymous

    Wow, big change from Phoenix!

    Wayne AWA/US