waking up on whidbey

well, we have arrived on whidbey island. it was three days of driving nearly 1600 miles. it started off poorly when the uhaul truck had brake problems before we even left the lot. and then more problems again before we left phoenix (supposedly loose wiring in the dash). and the radio didnt work, and neither did the windshield wipers (luckily we had good weather for the whole trip, even through portland and seattle). when we pulled up to the new house, there were two service trucks in the driveway because the gas furnace was not working. it was a toasty 42 degrees in the house when we arrived. but, they got the heat fixed and the truck did make it without leaving us stranded. and although i was sure we wouldnt be so lucky, all of our stuff survived the trip mostly unscathed. we still have stacks of boxes to go through and unpack, but we are making progress. we have already tried the local chinese place and the local pizza place (twice). i guess we are no longer arizonans and officially washingtonians.



  1. Anonymous

    LOL, nice pciture with the old FJ.. Does it run yet?

    Wayne AWA/US