morning kayak

today was my second time out for a morning kayak on puget sound (in the saratoga passage, to be exact). last weekend was the langley 'welcome the whales' festival, so i have been really hoping to see a whale during my kayaking. today i didnt see a whale, but i did see a huge sea lion who was about 25 feet from my kayak in the middle of the sound. i thought it was just a big piece of driftwood at first, until i got closer and heard him breathing and blowing water out of its nose. he didnt seem to mind my presence too much, and after a little while, he dove his head under, flipped up his tail, and was gone. i wasnt able to grab a picture of him, but here are some pictures of the sound in the morning - very peaceful.

boats moored near langley

puget sound

seaside village of langley



  1. Wow, How beautiful!!!