vortex.offline demo app

to coincide with the release of the vortex.offline library, i put together the obligatory sample feed reader application to demonstrate the usage. this is just a simplistic feed reader, but you can see some of the libraries important points, such as:

  • ability to automatically detect referenced resources such as images, scripts, and stylesheets (including nested @imported stylesheets)

  • automatic detection of network state with corresponding UI/feature changes (for example, when going offline, some features such as the 'add feed' link are removed since they dont apply offline)

  • auto syncing of events. this demo records the adding and removing of feeds and automatically plays them back when the network comes back online

  • use of the generic storage capabilities to store the feed data for offline viewing

  • graceful fallback if no offline support is available (google gears not installed or not allowed to run). try viewing the site in Safari to see the 'no offline support' version, or just deny Google Gears when prompted

[view demo]

the vortex_offline-debug.js file is fully commented and details the other configuration options and available features. you can download this entire sample application by grabbing the .zip file listed below:

[download vortex offline feed reader demo]



  1. Anonymous

    Is this code available under a specific license? Perhaps I didn't look carefully, but all I saw was a (c) notice and no specific terms. It would be great if I could use this under a BSD style license.

  2. sorry for the over-sight. the code is licensed under a BSD style license. i updated the files to include the license disclaimer. the link to the new download is in the post above.

  3. Anonymous

    It appears that your zipped file only contains the 2 javascript files (vortex_offline.js and vortex_offline-debut.js). Can you include the rest of your offline feed demo app files as well please?

  4. the feed reader demo link has been fixed. sorry for the inconvenience.

  5. This is great!, but I'm having a problem getting my app to work in IE; I'm getting a dialog box that says there was a problem with a plugin gears.dll and it crashes. I downloaded the latest gears and I'm using IE 6 (WinXP SP2)