Growl from Windows/ASP.NET

got a Mac and love getting Growl notifications from your favorite applications? ever wish you could get notifications from your Windows machines or servers as well? now you can! i whipped up a quick little library that can be used from almost any Windows application or Windows-based webserver.

to test it out, just follow these instructions:

1. first, make sure Growl is setup to listen for network notifications, and make sure to allow remote registrations. also, make sure your firewall will allow UDP traffic through port 9887.

2. browse to:

3. enter in your computer's ip address. leave the Port set to 9887. if you have set up a password in Growl for network notifications, enter that value as well.

4. type in your notification title and a short description and hit 'send'. you should receive a notification message on the computer running Growl.


remote Growl notifications are just a specially constructed UDP packet. the WebGrowl component is just a c# class library that abstracts the UDP packet creation and sending, making it as easy to send notifications as:

NetGrowl growl = new NetGrowl(ipAddress, port, applicationName, password);
growl.Notify(notificationType, title, description, priority, sticky);

since WebGrowl is a c# class library, it can be used from ASP.NET or a Windows Forms application. the library was also written to be COM-friendly, so it can also be used from VB6 or other COM-aware languages.

(special thanks to Rui Carmo @ The Tao of Mac ( for documenting the the Growl UDP packet format)

[download library]



  1. Any word on continued development of your Windows port of Growl?

  2. i just open-sourced the project and put all of the source code up on Google Code:

    if you want to contribute, just let me know and i will add you to the project.

  3. Oh my. Doesn't blogger have any anti-spam measures?