mt. hood

last weekend i went down to oregon to climb mt. hood. sunday night we started at 3am and got to ride the snowcat up to the top of the ski lift (since the lifts dont run at 3am in the morning). from there, we climbed from about 8,500ft up to the summit at just over 11,200ft. we summitted around 6:45am or so, too late too see the sunrise, but still got treated to some beautiful views. the weather was unseasonably warm (read: super hot), but the climb was fun and i had a great time. not too many pictures since we only stopped a couple of times for quick breaks and only spent 5 or 10 minutes on top, but you can see the sunny weather and other cascade mountains (adams, rainier, and st. helens to the north, jefferson and three sisters to the south). all in all, a great day (minus the sunburnt lips and neck).



  1. Nice... except for the 3am part.