Growl for Windows open-sourced

after writing the NetGrowl component to send Growl-formatted notifications from within .NET code, i decided that i would try my hand at writing an entire Growl port for windows. i had seen Snarl and even written some code for the lead developer Chris so he could send & receive Growl-compatible notifications from his app. but what i wanted was not a 'Growl-like' app, but *Growl* on Windows.

anyway, i went through a couple of early revisions and released some alpha code. several people tried it out and said it really worked great for them. i made a few more changes to support receiving notifications from websites, but after that, development pretty much came to a stop as i got busy with other stuff. i received some emails from people asking how they could help continue the development, so i finally decided to put the code up on Google Code for anyone to contribute to.

The project and source code can be found here: - it is BSD licensed, so feel free to use/modify/steal/do whatever you want with it

although this is alpha code, it has most of the original Growl features implemented, including:

  • Fully compatible with original Growl for Mac

  • API for local and network applications

  • Notification forwarding to Mac or Windows

  • Experimental support for WebKit-based display styles

  • Interface for creating custom display styles

  • Ability to receive notifications from web sites

or, for anybody that just wants to try it out, you can download the latest version from here:



  1. Brian; not related to Growl I'm afraid; but I have a question concerning the licensing of your ComboBox control on CodeProject. Can I email you direct? Many thanks.

  2. the ComboBox code on CodeProject is free of any and all restrictions. you may use all or part of it in any way you see fit, including in commercial or closed-source projects, or even redistribute it. you do not even need to include any licensing information or attribution. hope that helps.

  3. Many thanks!

  4. slai

    hey bd,

    "Growl"? wow, i lost touch to the technologies way too long :-(

    just stop by and say hi, very nice house! guess u r settling down in WA - let's go lunch when u r in phoenix, ok?