mt. hood snowshoeing

A few weekends back, Michaleen and I tried our hand at some snowshoeing down hear Mt. Hood. Neither of us had snowshoed before, but we decided to try an overnight trip using one of the huts from Cascade Huts. They have three 256 sq. ft. huts on the southeast side of Mt. Hood that you can rent out for the night.

Getting ready to head out

Some snowshoeing action - although we were headed in the wrong direction at this point. (Who knew there were two trails leading out of the Sno-Park?)

Very beautiful and peaceful - we only saw a few other people on the trails

The last long hill before the top

Views of Mt. Hood from near the hut

The final ridge leading to the hut

The hut comes into view

Our destination for the night

The hut had a propane stove and laterns and we melted some snow for a great salmon pasta dinner

Heading out from the hut the next morning

On the way back, we saw some strange footprints in the snow - must be Bigfoot!

We had expected some snow or even rain, but the weather was nice the entire time, right up until we returned to the truck and headed home at which point it started raining/snowing pretty hard.
All in all a very fun trip that I would recommend to anyone.



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