landscaping part 4

actually, this is parts 4 and 5 all rolled into one. when last we left the backyard, it was shaping up, but still had a long way to go.

the first project was to get the bark/mulch spread on the second large mound. turns out we have *way* too much mulch left over, so we are trying to find places to use it up. one of the places we decided to use some was next to the deck, behind the garage. in order to transition from the bedding to the walkway and yard, michaleen had the idea to use some of our found rocks to build a boulder wall. it turned out great, including the little nooks for plants:

we finally got the deck stained (not without some incident, but that is another story), so it was time to spruce it up a bit. we got some really nice adirondack chairs from a guy here on whidbey island who makes them from local wood - they are really comfortable. we also got some plants planted in our planters, including a tiny japanese maple, some native grasses, and some fresh herbs.

we also finally used up the last of the slate flagstone that has been sitting in the middle of the yard for a few months. we havent permanently laid the stones yet, but you can see the beginning of our circle patio:

with the mounds in and mulched, the walkways all laid out, the desk complete, and even some trees and plant going in, the last major thing to tackle was the grass. after waiting around for it to be delivered all stinking day, it finally arrived at around 5 pm. still, it only took a few hours and we went from a giant dirt patch to a really nice lawn:

while i was gone to mt. rainier, michaleen finished mulching the play area so now the bedding and grass (in the backyard at least) are complete.



  1. Wow, looks great.

  2. Anonymous

    Dude havent talked to you in years!!! Email e if you have time your house looks amazing!!


  3. So when I come up there I want to visit this Zen Garden!

    Wayne/US Airways