Summer Olympic Traverse

Well, this summer's big adventure was to be a 116 mile traverse of the entire Olympic Peninsula by foot and boat. Things didnt quite go as planned, but we still had a good time anyway. Here is a glimpse of what we saw and how things turned out:



  1. Going to try again next year?

  2. Initially, I didnt think I would try it again. It is a long trip with a super heavy pack that requires just the right weather window, and we had given it our best shot.

    But after I got home and recuperated a bit, I decided I probably was going to try it again. I learned a few things and have a plan to help lighten the load, and I didnt like leaving it incomplete, so I figured I better give it another shot. You are welcome to come along if it sounds like your cup of tea. =)

  3. Hmmm, generally I like to keep my 24+ hour sports on youtube. 2013 though, I figure anything is fair game after 12/21/12 right.