june microadventure

Chris and I have a big bike adventure coming up in July (riding and mapping out the WaMBR Trail) so we decided to do a shorter overnight trip to test out some gear and work out any kinks.

We started at the top of Lincoln Grade in Prosser and pretty much rode due Eest, staying right along the edge of the ridgeline that runs high above the Yakima River valley. Some of it was dirt roads, some of it was skirting the edge of wheat fields, and some of it was just straight cross-country over sagebrush and cheatgrass. We slept under the stars (and some microwave towers) and when we eventually ran out of ridgeline, we dropped down to the canal bank and rode all the way back to his house. Chris put the route info online and generated the map and elevation profile below.

It turned out to be a really fun ride and definitely got me excited for our bigger trip coming up next month.



  1. Anonymous

    Looks like you are having a hell of a good time up there. I'm in 110+ hell. Love your Blog Sir.

    Wayne Farnes